Warranty and joint responsibilities with Permabois

Permabois has the expertise, the know-how and the finishing process to ensure consistent quality and a durable product that meets your expectations.

With proper maintenance and by respecting the instructions concerning relative humidity (it is important to maintain the RH between 35%-60% throughout the 12 months of the year) your Permabois oiled floors should last for many years.

However, we must limit the structural warranty of the floors to 25 years. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser. The oil finish obviously cannot be guaranteed since it depends on the maintenance given to the floor by the owner. 

This said, If the maintenance is done properly as described in the maintenance guide and with the recommended Permabois products, the consumer will be able to enjoy their floors hassle free without ever having to sand them in an intrusive way.

Manufacturer's responsibility: Quality - Dedication - Performance

From the integrity of our unfinished wood to the inspection of the final product by our dedicated team of professionals, we take great care to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Our team works diligently to provide superior flooring for your projects and lifestyle. Permabois's oiled flooring collections offer an aesthetically pleasing and healthy solution that breathes and can be renewed without extensive or intrusive sanding.

Manufactured for optimal performance in both residential and commercial applications. Easy maintenance, touch-ups and simple restoration ensure durability over time.

Thanks to our permeable oiled finish, the vast majority of our fully saturated oiled engineered floors can be installed over a radiant subfloor. (Refer to the recommandations established by the NWFA).

Our eco-responsible commitment also means that if properly maintained, you can count on your Permabois oil impregnated floors to maintain their beautiful appearance, some would even say to become even more beautiful year after year.

Joint responsibility of the home owners and customers

The owner and installer are responsible for measuring and maintaining the humidity level of the subfloor and the ambient relative humidity (35%-60%).

It is also the responsibility of the customer and the installer to follow the industry's installation standards (NWFA installation guide in appendix)

The subfloor must comply with industry standards and respect, but not be limited to, the humidity level, the expansion joint, the recommendations concerning the glue, etc...

Where Permabois flooring is located over a heating unit or uninsulated ducts, install fireproof insulation or a thermal insulation panel between the joists. Humidity being wood's worst enemy, a rigorous control of the relative humidity of the premises, the concrete screed, the subfloor and the finishing floorboards is essential for a successful installation.

Before installing Permabois flooring , the installer and/or owner is responsible for the final inspection of the workmanship, grade and finish received.

Wood is a natural resource with colour variations and knots that reflect the age of the tree and its history.

The homeowner and installer should make a reasonable selection and reject or cut wood slats with obvious defects, regardless of the cause.

It is possible and normal to have variations in colours due to the shades of each board, these are not defective parts. You must see the floor as a whole and the store sample is a limited sample.

However, once a board is installed, it is considered accepted by the installer and the owner.

Expansion and contraction a seasonal phenomenon :

Seasonal cupping or dry cupping can be expected, especially on wider planks and even in engineered flooring. This is normal and not a defect. 

Throughout its life, wood will naturally expand and contract in response to the wet & dry seasons and also from the environmental conditions in the home. 

To keep these dimensional changes to a minimum, maintain the home temperature between 16deg to 25deg Celsius  & relative humidity within the range of 35%-60%.

Surface cracks or checking :

During the winter months of low humidity, minor surface cracks (checks or splits) may appear in wood flooring, then often close up again in the summer months when the humidity is higher. 

This is a normal characteristic of wood and not a basis of a complaint against Permabois Bois Huilé inc, especially if there is no structural failure. 

More frequent cleaning during critical periods can help nourish the wood fibers and reduce splitting.

By following these simple guidelines, you can enjoy your new Permabois flooring for years to come and minimize the need for repair and restaurations.

Prevent rather than cure with relative humidity

To prevent undesirable humidity conditions from developing and eventually causing the deterioration of your floors, maintain the relative humidity of the premises between 35%-60% twelve months a year.

Before delivery and installation of Permabois saturated oiled flooring, allow a minimum of 30 days after the installation of the subfloor or floor on which it is installed (concrete screed, joists, etc.) for excess humidity to evaporate.

The moisture content of the subfloor, foundation and/or concrete screed must be less than 12%.

In winter maintain the temperature near occupancy at approximately 20 degrees Celcius for at least 7 days prior to delivery.

In summer, ensure adequate ventilation of the premises so that excessive humidity escapes from the structural elements.

Once the floors are installed, the owner must check the relative humidity with a hygrometer and make the necessary adjustments with a humidifier and/or dehumidifier if needed.

Conclusion of commitments and responsibilities

PERMABOIS BOIS HUILÉS INC. assumes no responsibility under the warranty and does not pay any compensation:

  • When a slight difference in color exists between the sample and the floor
  • If the damage is caused, in whole or in part, but not limited to, stress caused by changes in humidity levels, dryness or lack of heating.
  • If the installation was not in accordance with NWFA standards, recommendations and guidelines
  • If proper maintenance is not followed.

The warranty applies to defective products exceeding 5% of the total quantity purchased in square feet by the customer (excluding losses caused by the cutting of slats during installation).

Permabois' warranty applies to the product only and excludes all other compensation including, but not limited to, any damage to the building in which the floor is installed, to the property therein, any injury, economic loss, etc.

No dealer, agent, wholesaler, distributor or vendor may modify the terms of this warranty. Permabois Bois Huilé Inc. will repair or replace defective boards at its discretion.

Permabois offers quality fully  saturated oiled wood floors of remarkable beauty and longevity, thanks to its impregnation process which allows the oil to penetrate the wood deeply and thus allow simple maintenance and easy repairs. 

The natural oils used give a unique character to the wood species offered and testify to the environmental values of our company.

PERMABOIS is wood in all its strength and splendour, we sincerely feel that's it's simply a better alternative!

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