Easy maintenance for Permabois oiled floors.

Our oiled floors can hide and camouflage the hazards of life, but they are not indestructible. Avoid most problems before they occur by following simple care and maintenance steps.

Permaclean is all you need for a complete regenerative cleaning.

Derived from soy and coconut oils, it will clean, nourish and regenerate your floors finish in one simple step. It is a concentrated cleaning product containing no solvents, ammonia or phosphates.

Avoid unfortunate contamination and use only Permaclean.

It is advisable to take some basic precautions to protect your new investment. Install felt pads under furniture legs, trim pet claws and vacuum to remove abrasive dirt.

The total impregnation of the wood's pores ensures that liquids, wine, hot coffee or any other beverage will not seep into the finish. Debris and spills should still be picked up when they occur.

More details and information available in our complete "Proper care and maintenance guide"

Our floors are saturated with vegetable oils, and slowly air-dried for optimal, long-lasting performance. The surface simply needs to be cleaned in order to get nourished.

Following this simple and easy maintenance principle your new floor will retain its natural beauty, strength and performance for generations to come.

Permabois is simply a better alternative.

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