How to install

Permabois floors are a product of nature and therefore variable. They are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards (NWFA) which permit a defect tolerance not to exceed 5%. The defects may be of a manufacturing or natural type. Prior to installation of any hardwood flooring product, the installer must determine that the job-site environment and the sub surfaces involved, meet or exceed al requirements as stipulated in Permabois’s installation instructions. Permabois Bois Huilés inc. declines any responsibility for job failure resulting from or associated with sub surface or job site environment deficiencies. The installer/owner of a Permabois floor has final inspection responsibility as to grade, manufacture and factory finish. He must use reasonable selectivity and hold out or cut off pieces with glaring defects whatever the cause.


  • Power nailer, mitre saw (or circular), claw hammer, chalkline,nail punch, Tape measure, 7 or 8D nails

1. Preparing the surface

  • Open the packages and leave the boards in the room for 48 hours.
  • Clean the surface and ensure that it is dry.
  • Install the boards on plywood ½ or thicker.

N.B. Do not install over a radiant heat facilities.

2. Distributing the boards

  • Arrange the boards in an approximate pattern.
  • Use the boards from several boxes to ensure a good mix of shades.
  • Use boards with minor flaws for cutting.

3. Measuring

  • Trace a line ¾ of an inch from the wall using a chalk line
  • Leave a ¾ -inch expansion space along all walls ( The baseboard and quarter-round will conceal it).

4. Installing the first rows of boards

  • Install the first board groove side along the wall.
  • Nail the board from the top, ¼ inch from the edge.
  • Nail every 12 inches, leaving 3 inches at the end.
  • Drive nails into the board with the nail punch.
  • Secure with concealed nails using the power nailer.
  • If you are unable to use the power nailer because of proximity to the wall, drive the nails into the tongue at a 45° angle.

5. Installing the second and subsequent rows

  • Start the second row by selecting a board that is at least 6 inches longer or shorter than the neighbouring one.
  • Repeat the process with all other boards.
  • Secure with concealed nails driven in with the power nails.

6. Installing the last row

  • Cut the boards leaving a ¾ -inch expansion space.
  • Nail the board from the top, ¼ inch from the edge closest to the wall.
  • Nail every 12 inches, leaving 3 inches at each end.
  • Drive nails into the board with the nail punch.

7. Finishing

  • Install baseboards using finishing nails.

Maintain humidity levels between 45% and 55% as the wood dimensions can vary with the seasons and humidity.

To protect your floor and enjoy a long-term satisfaction, it is recommended that a humidifier be used during the cold season.



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